How to make sales in a saturated market

How do I compete and make money in a market that is so saturated? My answer is always the same “first, compete”. I went to a meetup and this particular one was for entrepreneurs to practice their pitch One guy had a project he thought was original and come to find out someone had already built a website around his concept and launched it. A peers immediately brought that to his attention discouraging him to continue because it was already done, then others joined. Well one thing immediately came to mind, only one guy in the room had known about his project. Which means there was room to market better and possibly even do better than his competitor.

A lot of people get discouraged about their project or service and fail to get it even into the market. Bootstrap and launch, intern, do what ever it takes, but get in the market first, compete.

Once you are in the market, working with clients, or selling a product, you can grow from there. In any market you may feel is saturated, there tends to be one important characteristic of the market, consumers or an already established audience for that market.

Once you are in the market you need to find out who your consumers are, the demographics of your audience. The next step is to find that previously described audience, and the last step is to just introduce your product or service to that audience.

Once you have done those 3 things, you will make sales.

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