Growth takes consistency.

Want to increase your clientele? It’s going to take a lot more than just asking your friends if they need web design or SEO help or if they know anyone that does. How can you get more clients?
You many find yourself doing ad campaigns to attract people to your portfolio, or maybe you are connecting with prospects via social networking and maybe even in person networking. That’s a of time and work you have just put in! Now a days people know that their business is valuable and they don’t want to just hand over their project to anyone.
So how do you close the deal?
It’s not easy being cheesy.
People are not attracted to telemarketing calls that guarantee them more value then they will spend.
They want business growth or progression.
How can your web development and SEO skills help them reach their IMMEDIATE goals?
If you can explain to someone looking for services you offer, how you can not only do the task but you can do the task in a manner than will benefit them immediately, and you list a few ways they are now inclined and your services now seem necessary.