Why modern businesses are using virtual developers from hireadeveloper.org more and in-house developers less

Today having a website for your business is a must have. Whether you are a service provider or a brick and mortar retailer, having an online representation of your business is very important. Once your website has been developed you’ll quickly find out that keeping your website updated and relevant is key if you want […]

SEO made simple & easy

The term SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. As a process, SEO can be explained as increasing the page/website visibility over the internet i.e. if anybody searches, website owner would like to come on top of search result. In layman language, one wants to stand in front of the queue. If everyone is competing to […]

Brand Awareness vs. Sales

Marketing Marketing is a major part of business development, it includes : 1.Product Development 2.Product Description 3.Product Pricing 4.Product Awareness When marketing you are either trying to raise brand awareness or increase sales. Brand Awareness Familiarizing consumers with a particular brand of product or services. Determining your target audience and getting awareness among-st your audience […]