My Marketing Services


$3,500 setup fee which includes a Google Analytic and Google webmasters install / setupĀ  and custom weekly report so you can see our results!

It’s as little as $950 monthly to keep us around.
Side note : It cost us $40 a day to pay one of our social media team members, 5 days a week, and we collect a $50 fee. See if you can find someone cheaper than $40 a day that will

  1. consistently provide quality content that attracts your audience
  2. have a portal that allows you to easily submit content to us
  3. the ability to monitor our marketing efforts instantly & whenever you’d like
  4. weekly Google analytics report

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Business is all about communicating your goods / services to the people who are ALREADY looking for your goods / services. Most marketing companies go about marketing wrong, trying to convince people of a good / service. When in fact, marketing should focus solely on attracting and converting your target demographic audience.

Product + Target Demographic Audience = Guaranteed Sales, How?

If you send 100 random people to your site your chances of getting traction is slim to none. If you sent 10 people who are interested in your product, then the rules of probability kick in and you will definitely get some kind of traction. The lesson, attracting your audience is the key to high conversions.

I will get you results faster and ones that make a longer lasting impression than any big marketing company, I have references to prove it!

I have what I refer to as a hybrid team. I have 2 writers who live in Los Angeles, CA, and I have a graphic / videography and social management team that consist of 5 people overseas. My Los Angeles writers, write quality SEO keyword content, and my overseas team provides quality graphics AND SEO keyword videos, then they post this content all over Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google plus daily. My Los Angeles writers also handle your email marketing content, but I personally manage and come up with your email marketing strategies / campaigns.

With my combination of quality email marketing, blogs, posts, graphics, videos and with how many times and places my social team will post, share and re-share this quality content, you will build a quality social presence that works as a solid sales funnel.

You will not HAVE to keep using my service after the first month, but keeping me around monthly will guarantee you monthly sales growth.

Some of the companies I recently worked with that you are welcome to reach out to and verify my effectiveness: – established sales funnel, high conversion landing page, established 1st page Google rank – increased clientele, increased traffic, increased search CTR – increased member base, increased traffic, established social presence, increased organic ad CTR