How to copy your competitors to increase sales

In one of my videos I mention that you should copy everything your competitors are doing right. So I should probably go over what is “right” and how to determine that. First, do NOT copy an unsuccessful competitor which I assumed was obvious. In fact the most effective strategy would be to pick the best or the most successful competitor to copy.

Now lets talk about what to copy. Everything! That includes Business presentation– in-person store or online store, social networks that they are on, subscribe to their newsletter, note everywhere you see them advertising, and what they are saying to their audience.

You may be thinking, I can’t afford that! In that case just scale in contrast to your competitors how much You’re spending on each item. How do you know what NOT to copy? When you do your due diligence on a company to determine how the company compares and contrast you will come across comments and information from their customers / clients with complaints.

When you find something multiple people complain about here is your time to shine! Address their issue on your platform, and now you are competitive and your audience will take notice which will immediately increase your sales!

You can always go to for a honest developer that can help do all the above!