Choosing a profitable domain name

What to look for in a domain

  1. Remember-able
    1. Relevancy
    2. Length
  2. Branded
  3. Similar domains
  4. Keywords


Is shorter better? No.

For instance is easy to remember, not because of length but because of relevancy in the alphabet. would not be as easy to remember even though it is just as short.

Short is better obviously, but a domain that is relevant is more important and will be a factor in attracting your audience.

Branding & Similar Domains

Does your competitor already have a name or domain similar?

Will you end up getting his traffic or will he get yours?

Is it branded on any social networking platform already?

How will similarly branded domains and businesses affect yours.


Does your domain contain any keywords specific to your niche?

Finding a domain that contains any of your keywords can help with credibility and will help with page ranking in the search engines.

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